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Singles status is often the subject of jokes or jokes in every community and also friendship, no matter even if you are a cool guy. The frequency of this joke that quite a lot in his daily life brought it to the online platform. We can find jokes about singles on social media , online media, both in articles, literary works or what's happening that is memes.

Cool Singles Gameplay

However, there is a group of young Android game developers from Indonesia who look at the Singles status in another way. They want to say that singles can not only be the subject of jokes, there is also a cool side. Therefore, they make a game called Singles Cool or in short " Joker ". Before further explanation, let's look at the trailer first.

Cool Singles Games or abbreviated as " Joker " is a mobile game from Raxeon with a simulation genre that tells about the life of a student where he chose to live singles during college . Raxeon is a game developer originally from Semarang.

Cool Singles Gameplay

Gameplay from the game Play Store Cool Singles is very very easy. The players only need to tapping on the answers that are already available on the screen. Even so, you should not choose by origin. The reason is because each choice has a different end result. In this game there are four main statuses. The status in question is, Social, Academic, Feeling, and Financial. The four statuses must be monitored and the final result will determine the eligibility of a player to advance to the next level of the game.

The players in this Cool Singles game are faced with 3 main missions. Its missions are to get the best academic value, have financial sufficiency and have many relationships. If you intend to carry out the main mission, then you as a player must be single during college.

Not only that, the balance of the four statuses must be maintained. This game has a time limit. The time limit given to players is only 50 weeks. If you cannot complete the selected level more than the time limit, then game over.

Main Features of the Game


Cool Singles or in short " Joker ", this game as a simulation game has several features that are highlighted. One of the features referred to is the system for achieving progress from the players. In the student's romantic relationship, you are confronted with four female students who can all be approached by you during college. Each choice from you will have a different ending depending on the choice of student you choose.  You can download this  game made by Indonesian children here .

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