The Soul of the Art Behind the Incubus Vocalist 'Rock Style'

Behind the rock genre that he worked with Incubus, Brandon Boyd turned out to have another side. The vocalist from the American band is also a hobby of painting. In fact, it's not just a hobby, because the results of his paintings have stopped at several exhibitions.

Some of Boyd's works even enter the museum. One of the highlights is the work he presented at Miami Art Basel last year.

As another proof of Boyd's seriousness in painting, early 2017 he will hold a large solo exhibition in Los Angeles at KM Fine Arts. For Boyd, it was a gradual increase as well as proof that he was not just a fad.

The 40-year-old man now has an art manager named Jen DiSito.

Boyd started painting since 2007. Although his seriousness in the field of painting is increasingly apparent, Boyd is still trying to focus on music. He also continued to struggle to manage time so that the two fields he loved were balanced.

That's also what his art manager suggested.

"We are waiting until the work is good at a certain level (for Boyd). In addition, also so we can get more momentum," DiSito said, as reported by Forbes.

Boyd felt confident to display his works in several countries, even if the painting was seen by many people from art schools who clearly had better knowledge than him.

"That was an experience I took from Basel. I was truly inspired, but I was modest at the same time. I saw people who were obsessed with art, and my obsession was to spread more art," Boyd said.

Boyd was not the first musician to paint. Bob Dylan, Ron Wood, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, John Mellencamp, Marilyn Manson, Kiss' Paul Stanley, and Ani DiFranco are also a series of musicians who are passionate about painting. (rsa / rsa)
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