Peek Elton John's Personal Photo Collection

Elton John is not only good at playing musical instruments and singing. The British musician also has an interest in the field of photography. At his home, John has thousands of photography works.

Soon, it's not just John and the guests visiting his house who can see the collection. Telegraph reported, John's photo collection will be exhibited at Tate Modern.

The "The Radical Eye" photo exhibition will display more than 150 works from 60 artists. Among them: Man Ray, Andre Kertesz, and Berenice Abbott. That includes 7,000 photographs collected by John since he was interested in the field, around 1991. The
John considers his lending private collections to the gallery as a form of honor for himself and his life partner, David Furnish. They are admirers of photography. According to him, photos are the key to an event.

The photos on the walls of John's house and to be exhibited, for him, had more meaning. The singer of You Can Feel the Love Tonight considers it an inspiration and a gem.

"We hope that this exhibition will be attended by viewers who have experience so that they have the same pleasure as me when I collect these photos," John said.

The man whose real name is Sir Elton Hercules John is one of the world's most admired photo collectors. Seeing John's love for photography, Director of Tate Modern, Nicholas Serota believes the exhibition "The Radical Eye" will be unique.

"There are several collections of modernist photography in Britain, so we are very pleased Sir Elton John allows us to see this extraordinary collection and provides an opportunity for everyone to see the iconic works," Serota said. (rsa / rsa)
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