Instagramable Hotels that Look Like Art Galleries

 In addition to taking a break, hotels today are also commonly used as a place for photographs. The design was made as Instagramable as possible. In fact, these 6 hotels look more like art galleries .

Today's hotels are competing to attract traveler's attention. The design is made beautiful and unique, so artistic to be used as a background photo.

Several other hotels, decorate the hotel with works of art that have high aesthetic value. Even this hotel is more like an art gallery.

Collected detikTravel, Tuesday (10/22/2019), here are 6 Instagramable hotels in the world that look more like art galleries:

1. Merchant House Hotel, Bahrain

First, there is the Merchant House Hotel which stands in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. Once inside this hotel, a traveler will feel like being inside a luxury art gallery.

Several works by local Bahraini artists are on display at this hotel. But there are also works of several prominent French artists such as Chagall, Gauguin, Matisse to Toulouse-Lautrec.

The hotel interior itself was designed by architect Nasser Alzayani, making this renovated classic building more beautiful. Moreover, its location is near the main gate of the Old City of Bahrain.

2. Borgo Pignano, Italy
The next hotel is Borgo Pignano in the Tuscany region of Italy. The appearance of this hotel is indeed 'wow'. In it, there are many top-quality artworks on display.

Every 6 months, this artwork is curated by reliable curators. The hotel, owned by Sir Michael Moritz, even has a very good relationship with the Royal Drawing School in London, where the alumni are willing to give free painting classes to interested hotel guests.

3. The Beaumont, England

Built in the Art Deco style, The Beaumont Hotel in London from outside has invited attention. The design is truly unique, like a wall that overlaps randomly, but it's not.

This 3-storey hotel is decorated by many works of art from famous artists. There are murals painted by US artist John Mattos, to Charlie Chaplin paintings by painter Auguste Louis Leymarie in the 1918s.

4. The PuXuan, China
China also does not want to lose. There is The PuXuan Hotel which is very handsome design. The location is close to the Forbidden City and close to the commercial district and shopping center in Beijing, China.

The PuXuan, located above the Guardian Art Center, has 116 stylish and elegant rooms. At this hotel, a traveler can enjoy a variety of priceless works of art. Ranging from sculpture, ceramics to paintings from famous Chinese artists.

5. Chateau du Grand Luce, France

Standing like a palace, this is the Chateau du Grand Luce Hotel in the Loire Valley, France. From the outside, this one hotel looks very artistic, like a noble house in Hollywood films.

In it, a traveler is like entering into a luxury art gallery. There are many paintings, the most famous of which is masterpiece masterpieces by an artist named Jean Baptiste Pillement.
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